Friday, December 16, 2011

My 1st Autobioraphy

Become part of the education system in this country is extremely important to me. It is crucial because it can teach me to be a people who understand the needs of society. I am grateful to gain experience as an educator even in a very short period of time. However, having set foot in this field, I think the knowledge that there is still insufficient.

My name is Luqman Bin Abd Hakim and I am 25 years old. My hobby is hiking, enjoy nature, camping and fishing. It is my passionate to enjoying nature because it could bring the sense of awareness about what is happening around us. It also helps me reviewing things I have done, and how to improve myself.

My father, Abd Hakim Hj Jaafar is a great father. He taught me a lot about life. His had deeply interest in automotive. He had ride a lot of big bike such as Ducati, Honda Fire blade and Kawasaki. As I grew up, I had shared the passion. Now, I am using 600 type cc bike. What is so special about riding big bike is it helps me to focus in everything I do. With the speed of 180 kilometers per hour, focus turn out to be the safety issue as we put life on the spinning wheel.

I had an awesome mother. Her name is Zainab Zainuddin. She loves to do businesses as she had a business minded. She had a specialty as she could add values to an antiques, before sells it. My mother is also a great tailor. She used to sewing in her leisure. She had inspired me a lot with her vision.

I have two siblings. Arif is the second while my youngest brother called Bukhari. Ariff love to have an exotic pet such as Tarantula, Asian scorpion, sugar glider, ball phyten species snake, and an Amazon frog. He had decoration specialties as he could locate furniture and antiques at the right places in the house. Currently, he works at construction companies as he willing to learn on how to draw building plan.

Bukhari, my youngest brother is still continuing his study in Plantation field. He loves to grow plants such as chili, lemon grass, pandan leaves and much more. My youngest brother and I also share the same hobby that is fishing. However, he has a different stance in resolving a matter and it is always fluctuate with mine. This is the reason why my family looks unique and differs from others.

Before entering the education line, I tried to develop my own business. I involve in aquaculture industry. I learn it hard way as I face difficulties in finding a supplier of Siakap fry and Tiger Prawn.  The industry is manipulated by Chinese and it troubles me in trading aquaculture goods. However, it gave me a lesson that an operation of business is not easy as we thought.

I also had experience working in pharmaceutical industry for five years. I did serves Hospital Putrajaya and Kolej Shah Putra in Kuantan, Pahang when I work as marketing executive; supplying medical stuff and laboratory equipment. What I gain is the information about drugs and medicine. I found it interesting to stick with this industry because the expansion of technology helps human being face and fight diseases.

Because I had a business background in my family’s history, my mother taught me on how to find my own pocket money. Since the age of thirteen, I sell sweets in school. When comes Ramadhan, my brother and I took part in Bazaar Ramadhan; selling food for breakfasting. Usually, I make Popiah, Masalawadeh and Sardin Roll.

The experience I had makes me growing up with passion and courage to face challenging world. I believe in whatever I am doing. My past had taught me to be creative and leaves my life head on. Also, I learn to be a part of society. I notice that challenges require skill and strength to overcome it. As time pass by, I realize that knowledge is powerful tools as it could help human being face issues and problem and also could reflect our behavior in today’s living. And here I am, standing by my own, creating my own path, writing my destiny.